General Information

General Information

1.The visiting time to visit patients in the hospital is between 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

2.Children below 12 years of age are allowed only on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday during visiting hours (4:30 pm to 6:30 pm).

3.Only one attendant is allowed per patient in the Private and Semi Private rooms.

4.Advance should be deposited within 24 hrs of Admission.

5.Food is provided to the patient from the hospital. Attendants can avail this facility on payment.

6.Smoking and use of liquor in any form is strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.

7.During hospitalization no patient is allowed to leave the ward without prior permission of the doctor/sister in charge.

8.Keep the room clean and tidy.

9.Patient’s relatives can avail services of the canteen in the hospital premises.

10.The hospital makes all efforts to ensure that medicines are available at all times. However, in case you are unable to procure any medicine, please contact the Sister In-charge.

11.Please co-operate with the security guards at the gate by maintaining hospital rules and regulations. Avoid arguments and help maintain discipline to enable us to provide better care to your patients.

12.Please do not keep valuables in the room; the hospital will not take the responsibility for the loss or damage of any of your articles.

13.Please take care of your mobile phones. As far as possible avoid usage of these in the hospital as it may disturb others. The hospital is not responsible for the loss/ theft/ damage of any mobile phones.

14.Please switch off the lights, fans, geysers and other electrical appliances when not required.

15.On discharge patient will get the hospital bill & preliminary discharge summary between 4 pm and 5 pm.

16.Please park your vehicle in the hospital car parking which is free.

17.If you have any grievances, please contact the P.R.O. during office hours. There is also a complaint register maintained in the hospital reception in which you may write your problem.

We wish you a speedy recovery.

January 2019 Dr. Sudhir Joseph