Nutrition & Dietetics

MYTH Eating low calorie diet and skipping meals is the only way to lose weight FACT Plant based diet is a rich source of protein like legumes,nuts, seeds,soy products,millets & some vegetables are also high in fibre and low in fat. The quality of protein can be increased when cereals and pulses are consumed in combination
FACT A balanced diet, eating small portions at defined intervals and at regular exercise is the key to losing weight. Skipping meals and low calorie diets end up making one crave high calorie food like sweets, junk food which sends signals to the brain of immediate satisfaction by causing sugar rush but the energy released does not last till the next meal making one seek more high calorie food. MYTH Plant based diet are deficient in protein  
MYTH If a food label indicates “Diet Food” it is healthy FACT Food claiming to be LOW FAT may be high in sugar , salt and even invisible fat. It is thus advisable to read the ingredient list to find out any hidden sources of fat,sugar or salt. Look for FSSAI certification for correct label and display claims MYTH Oil provides empty calories with no nutrients FACT The human body cannot make prime poly unsaturated fatty acids which are called essential fatty acids. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and hence they have to be obtained from diet. Essential fatty acids reduce risk of heart disease, improves cognition, reduces inflammation and joint pain. To reap maximum benefits right combination of cooking oils should be used.