Preparing for the 3rd Wave of COVID Infection

COVID – 19 has devastated families and destroyed economies across the entire globe for the past 18 months. India has been particularly hit hard with 2 major waves infecting millions of our citizens. Of the major cities, Delhi has seen an almost continuous pandemic with occasional severe peaks. At present the positivity rate and active infections in Delhi have drastically dropped. However, we cannot afford to be caught unprepared again. Many experts are predicting a high possibility of a third wave sometime over the next few months. It is also being postulated that a third wave may see many more infections in children who have been relatively spared so far.   St. Stephen’s Hospital, Delhi, has been at the forefront of the battle against this deadly virus. We are extremely happy to announce the receipt of 3 MAQUET SERVO-AIR ventilators donated by BMW India Foundation in partnership with ASSOCHAM for use on Paediatrics patients. These are state of the art machines which are life caring in patients with severe illnesses, particularly in COVID management. St. Stephen’s Hospital is grateful to these organizations for partnering with us voluntarily during these difficult times. Their involvement encourages us to continue to strive for improvement in outcome of those children who have developed COVID infection.