ENT & Head & Neck Surgery
ईएनटी व हेड व नेक सर्जरी

ENT & Head & Neck Surgery/ ईएनटी व हेड व नेक सर्जरी

Reachable(8:30am to 4 pm) at 011-23966021-27,Ext- 436(General OPD), 633(Pvt OPD)

The department provides advanced elective and emergency medical and surgical care to a wide variety of diseases of the Ear, Nose, Sinuses, Oral cavity, Throat and Head & Neck region.

We are a team of  Senior Consultants ,Consultants, Senior resident doctors and well trained staff and have dedicated ward and 24x7 emergency services for our patients.

The Department is accredited by the National Board of Examinations and runs a post graduate DNB programme in Otorhinolaryngology .

Our routine out patient department takes care of patients with the following complaints

  • this can occur with ear infection of the outer or middle ear, hole in the ear drum.
  • this can be due to old age related changes/ hole in the ear drum/ inner ear diseases
  • removal of object stuck in the ear
  • Nasal airway obstruction/ mouth breather/नाक बंद रहना /मूह से साँस लेना - can be due to polyposis/deviation of the nasal septum
  • Running nose/Allergic rhinitis/ज़्यादा छींके आना/नज़ला
  • Epistaxis management-नकसीर का ईलाज
  • Swelling/ mass in the nasal cavity
  • Head and facial pain- this occurs in inflammation of the sinuses and is accompanied by nasal discharge
  • Foreign body nose removal
  • Tonsillitis /टॉन्सिलायटिस/गलसुओं की सूजन
  • Enlarged adenoids / अदेनोईड की सूजन
  • Pharyngitis/Pain in throat/गले में दर्द
  • Oral ulcers/मूह व गले में छाले होना
  • Change of voice/Hoarseness of voice/आवाज़ बैठना या बदलना
  • Vocal nodules/polyp/mass in the larynx/वोकल नोडुलेस/पॉलप
  • Foreign body in windpipe /airway
  • Breathing difficulty due to new growths in the throat
    • Neck trauma/cuts
    • Neck swelling/thyroid swelling/goitre/ गिल्‍हड़/थाइरोइड सूजन
    • Swelling of the face and cheek/ चेहरे पर सूजन
    • Tumours/ गले की रसौली
    • Salivary gland tumour (parotid & submandibular salivary glands)/लार ग्रंथि की रसौली
    • Deep neck space infection

  • Loud snoring/ उच्च स्वर के खर्राटै
    Disturbed sleep/ नींद बार बार टूटना
    Sudden choking sensation during sleep(Apnoeic episodes) / नींद में अचानक श्वसन मार्ग में अवरोध के कारण दुम घुटना
    Day time sleepiness/tiredness/ रात में नींद पूरी ना होने के कारण दिन में थकान रहना व नींद आना
    Breathlessness on exertion/ थोड़ा चलने पर साँस फूलना
    Dryness of throat/ गला सूखना

We have facilities for minor ear microsurgical  procedures, Flexible direct laryngoscopy(FDL), Diagnostic nasal endoscopy in the OPD.

  • Tympanoplasty - surgery done to close the hole in the ear
  • Mastoidectomy-surgery done to clear disease from middle ear and mastoid
  • Facial nerve decompression- surgery done to reduce pressure on nerves in order to treat facial weakness due to facial nerve palsy
  • Myringotomy and grommet insertion- done to aerate middle ear and also in the treatment of vertigo
  • Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy- both by conventional and coblation assissted technique
  • Microlaryngeal surgeries- surgery done to remove nodule, cyst, polyp from the larynx
  • Tracheal reconstruction- surgery done to treat narrowed or injured trachea.
  • Thyroidectomy- surgery done to remove the diseased thyroid tissue
  • Parathyroidectomy- surgery done to remove the diseased parathyroid tissue
  • Slivary gland surgeries (submandibular, sublingual and parotid gland)
  • Face and neck abscess drainage- drainage of pus from swelling in head and neck
  • Head and neck tumour removal surgery and flap reconstruction- surgery done to remove tumour and reconstruction of the defect using local and distant flaps
  • Fracture nasal bone reduction- surgery done to reduce post traumatic fracture nose
  • Septoplasty- surgery done to straighten deviated septum of nose
  • Turbinate reduction- both by conventional and coblation assisted technique
  • Diagnostic nasal endoscopy (DNE) and cauterisation for epistaxis
  • Conventional Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)- surgery done to open the blocked sinuses or removal of nasal polyp using endoscope and special instruments
  • Extended FESS including skull base procedures ( in collaboration with Dept of Neurosurgery) regularly
  • CSF leak repair-  surgery done to close defect in skull base using endoscope

Surgical Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
Since 2013 , the department has an active sleep surgery programme, for the management of obstructive sleep apnoea.
State of art sleep laboratory is available in the hospital.
The department provides facilities for sleep endoscopy (DISE) , multilevel sleep surgery and minimally invasive procedures .

Under a specially trained surgical team, latest surgical procedures like tongue base reduction and pharyngoplasty including barbed suturing techniques are carried out on a regular basis with excellent results.With the surgical treatment we have managed to relieve the airway obstruction without the help of machines.
In many patients where the patient is not able to tolerate CPAP therapy or does not get relief by it , multilevel sleep surgery offers good results. The common multilevel surgeries include, Barbed palato-pharyngoplasty, Expansion sphincter pharyngoplasty,Endoscopic coblation assisted midline glossectomy,Endoscopic epiglottoplasty, Thyrohyoidopexy.

The audiology section is manned by a well qualified , trained audiologist. Apart from routine audiometry tests we have facilities for
  • also known as immitence audiometers evaluates the ear drum and middle ear space as well as muscle reflex of the muscles that control the ear drum and middle ear
  • is a subjective, behavioural measurement of a hearing threshold  of an individual that enables  determination of the degree, type and configuration of a hearing loss and thus providing a basis for diagnosis and management
  • The primary purpose of OAE is to determine cochlear status, specifically hair cell function. This information can be used to (1) screen hearing (particularly in neonates, infants, or individuals with developmental disabilities), (2) partially estimate hearing sensitivity within a limited range, (3) differentiate between the sensory and neural components of sensorineural hearing loss, and (4) test for functional (feigned) hearing loss. The information can be obtained from patients who are sleeping or even comatose because no behavioural response is required.
  • Brainstem-evoked response audiometry (BERA) is a simple, noninvasive, objective test for early identification of hearing impairment in children and neonates. It can be used as a screening test and is useful in newborns, infants, and other difficult-to-test patients.

  • We also have a fully equipped state of art vestibular laborotary for investigation and management of patients with vertigo.(giddiness). Facilities for VEMP,ECoch G and VNG tests are provided here.

    1.VESTIBULAR EVOKED MYOGENIC POTENTIAL(VEMP) is used to assess the function of the utricle and saccule - the otolithic organs of the peripheral vestibular system

    is an objective assessment used in the diagnosis of Meniere’s disease and other disorders. ECochG test measure electrical potentials generated in the cochlea, a part of the inner ear, in response to audio stimulation

    is a series of tests that evaluate the health of your inner ear and your central motor function. VNG testing can possibly uncover the root cause of your vertigo, dizziness or balance issues, and allow your doctor or audiologist to treat it appropriately and effectively.

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