1. To form Self Help Groups (SHGs) and keep a record of the same.
2. To oversee the field work of Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work (BSW & MSW) students from colleges like Delhi School of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamia, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar College and IGNOU.
3. Conduct “Ghar Banane Wali Mahila” workshops.
4. Help and advise women who are victim of domestic violence and poverty.
5. Offer  Home Care Health Attendants training and thus increase self-reliance of community people.
6. Help to open Post office saving accounts for women’s SHGs.
7. Increasing awareness in the community regarding self help opportunities by conducting meetings and rallies in the area.

Key Highlights

  • There are approximately 50 SHGs with 766 members.
  • 10 SHGs have come together to form a federation which will enable them to start business jointly and later enable them to avail large loans for their business needs.
  • The BSWs & MSWs participate in the work of most of the units of CHD-SSH and especially handle case work and participate in Training Programmes.
  • “Ghar Banane Wali Mahila workshop encourage women to live healthy lives, encourage personal and environmental hygiene, child care and education etc.
  • Homecare Health attendant training is a 3 month course to teach basic community health and enable them to be gainfully employed as care-takers of patients in hospitals/homes or as care -takers of senior citizens.