The CHD-SSH with the financial help of Ameriprise India Private Limited has tried to improve the health status of 50 children of Sunder Nagri. This was done through a project called the Hunger Relief and Challenges project. The direct beneficiaries were Child to Child Education Program children. 
We selected 50 undernourished and anemic children (30 girls and 20 boys) from among Child to Child Education program of Community Health Department. They were selected if they were underweight or severely underweight as per WHO Child Growth Standards and/or if they had anemia. These children were regularly provided:

  • Breakfast: A glass of milk (200gms) and one boiled egg.
  • Lunch: Dal, salad, vegetable, rice and chapatis.
  • Fruit: A seasonal fruit was given after lunch.

This project has shown consistent improvement in the nutritional status of beneficiary children. This proves that providing a balanced meal to children even just one time a day, without insisting them to have particular foods in particular amounts can also help in improving their nutritional status immensely.


To run a nutrition supplementation project among undernourished and anemic children of Child to Child Education Program (between ages 6-17).


  • To provide nutritious & balanced diet to 50 undernourished and anemic children.
  • Implementing nutrition education programs for families of such children.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of the project.