Introduction & Objective

Child to Child Education Programme of Community Health Department, St. Stephen’s Hospital was started in 1999 with the aim – ‘promoting overall growth and development of children from the slum’. Under this program a group of children called the child and youth volunteers teach the younger children from the slum for one and half hour per day. The Children are otherwise getting education in MCD schools.


The program has an atmosphere conducive to student and promote all round development of children. Children with good educational calibre are oriented & empowered as child volunteers to educate younger children. 10th-12th standard children are identified, trained & developed as youth volunteers to supervise the work of child volunteer & act as a link between children and the programme team. we also do door to door survey to sensitise parents regarding importance of school enrollment and help children avail scholarship for education from Govt./NGOs as applicable and preparing them for higher education.

There is a fee concession committee to identify children with poor economic status and give concession accordingly. Child to Child Education programme encourages participation of children in extra- curricular and sports activities. House system is established, where each child is a member of one of the 6 houses and there are inter-house competition held. Free health care is provided, annual health checkup are conducted and sick children are being taken care of. Socially useful activities eg. Health awareness camps, rally and surveys are organised by children of Child to Child Education Programme. We also conduct regular parents – youth and child volunteer meetings.

Key Highlights

  • Awareness rally
  • General Knowledge Competition
  • Painting Competition
  • Sports Competition
  • Dance Competition
  • Singing Competition
  • Art Competition
  • Debate Competition
  • Science exhibition
  • Acting & drama competition
  • Bal Swar magazine
  • Summer Camp Activities at BalBhawan
  • Annual Function