Our Community

Sunder Nagri is situated in the north east of Delhi. It is one of the largest resettlement colonies of the 1975-1976 Clean Delhi Drive by the Government of India. The present population is around 58000. This large community is mainly accommodated in 18 blocks spread in an area of 700 meters to 1000 meters length wise. The numbers living in each house ranges from 5-8 members. Around 60-70% own their homes but 30-40% live in basic rental accommodation or in Jhuggis (make shift houses). The majority of the community are low wage earners such as: factory workers, Labours, security guards, clerks, shopkeepers (of small business), taxi drivers, small auto drivers, mechanics, weavers, tailors and vegetable venders (who operate from road-side-carts). There are also a considerable number who are the lowest paid and most vulnerable such as peddle-rickshaw drivers and street-waste collectors (Rag-pickers). Most of the Sunder Nagri area has basic sanitation, water supply, and electricity service but standards vary accordingly to the type of accommodation.