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The aims and objects of the St. Stephen’s Hospital Society are embodied in its Memorandum of Association. They are based on a philosophy of love and care, which it is hoped will convey meaning, content and relevance to the work of the entire staff of the St. Stephen’s Hospital and imbue them with a sense of dedication and commitment
The Philosophy is stated below:
  • St. Stephen’s Hospital is a Christian Institution in name, content and character.
  • The purpose of the Institution is to provide comprehensive health care to all sections of society with special emphasis on the underprivileged, irrespective of caste, creed or social status.
  • The Institution, which has traditionally emphasized the practice of ethical medicine, believes in the relevance of the total ministry of healing in obedience to the example of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who feel themselves called to this task are first and foremost men and women.
  • Pedicated to this ministry, exercising it with love and compassion, integrity and skill and reverence for others whether they be patients, colleagues or members of staff.
  • The Institution is committed to the total ministry of healing in which its doctors, nurses, paramedical, administrative and other staff have an indispensable part to play whether they belong to the Christian faith or to other faiths.
  • The Institution seeks to achieve professional excellence with accent on responsible service, team work, a desire to alleviate pain and suffering and remove their cause, train personnel and undertake medical research.

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